A modern design for enterprise.

How does the "uncarrier" confidently enter the B2B market? By designing a bold, consumer-grade, flexible experience that makes managing hundreds or thousands of devices and lines easy and intuitive.

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Given the large number of stakeholders who had a stake in this engagement we started by aligning around goals and principles.

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Structure and Navigation

The portal needed to support a wide variety of businesses, from small businesses to large enterprise clients who need to manage the complexities of devices across a company. We explored the ways we could organize complex flows into repeatable and simplified flows.

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Design and Usability Testing

While most business telecom portals focus on selecting the action you want to take first, and select the lines (people) you want to edit second we reversed the process. This was based on observing the workflows of telecom managers and learning that they usually work on a batch of lines (people) and want to perform more than one action on that batch.

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Style Guide and Component Library

As we designed the key flows and interaction models we developed a design system that aligned with their core brand but was optimized for the business offerings. A foundation for rapidly ideating and testing new product concepts.

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