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How do you design for the millions of diverse audience members of the ACLU? By highlighting big wins, clear actions, and pathways to meaningful content for each audience segment.

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Research & Discovery

The ACLU was at a crossroads, they had an antiquated website that acted more as a repository for legal cases than a tool to educate and engage their audiences. We started with a deep dive into their organizational goals and learned how it intersected with the impact their audience members aspired to.


Discovery Workshop

We started by a deep dive into their organizational goals and aspirations and compared those to the ways in which their audiences wanted to engage.


Audience Research & Content Strategy

The research and discovery process provided a clear roadmap of the goals, motivations, and top tasks of the ACLU's target audiences. Identifying where their needs overlapped and where they diverged informed the initial concepts for the site's information architecture and content strategy. 


Brand Story Experience Design

We explored how to highlight the core tenets of the ACLU’s work and design interactive storytelling experiences to bring their message and impact to life.

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Experience Design

Based on a solid technology foundation, a comprehensive set of templates were designed to support a new and improved content strategy. From bite-sized pieces of content to immersive stories about their impact in the court room and the beyond.



The redesigned website was center stage when the ACLU raised $24 billion the first weekend after President Trump was elected.

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